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We have spent years testing ranking factors, and building them into YACSS. Get the benefits from the worlds only fully tested SEO website builder.



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For agencies


These features are common in all plans of YACSS

AI websites

Generate AI websites

Local AI Websites

Generate AI websites with Wikipedia, Driving directions and Points of interest

Expired domains

Add your expired domains in YACSS, and upload AI websites to them

Cloud links

Use your own accounts and build cloud links

Edit websites

You can edit both expired domains and cloud links after upload

Topic clusters

Build topic cluster websites for your keywords

Google news

Build Google news approved cloud sites and websites

Image SEO

Automated keyword optimization and geotagging of images

Human like content

Build out websites with content that pass AI detection

Frequently Asked Questions

YACSS is a web based software that builds static html websites with the click of a button. It also allow you to upload these websites to the worlds most powerful cloud platforms and your own expired domains, so you can build backlinks fast.

Yes. There is a Facebook group for paid members, and there is a support system, that offer 24/7 support.

Yes. YACSS is the platform where you create and manage the cloud sites. You pay for the cloud accounts and use your own accounts.

Yes. You need to have a subscription with the Openai API.

We currently have integration to Spinrewriter and Google places API. You need both to get the full functionality of YACSS.

YACSS is a premium product. Its not for beginners getting started with SEO, its for professionals that know what they are doing, and know how to make money doing SEO. If you wonder about coupons or discounts, this might not be the product for you.

No. Its not for beginners. There is a steap learning curve, as the platform is the most complex and versatile platform on the market. But the builtin flexibility is what allow you to produce great results with the cloud links. Once you master the process, you will be able to build 100page cloud sites in a matter of minutes.

Refer to the homepage to see the list of the current platforms we support.

Yes, we plan to continue to add new platforms.

Yes. You use YACSS to create the sites, and upload them to your own expired domains and cloud accounts.

No. We don’t delete anything, but you loose the capability to manage and edit the cloud sites.

We typically see improvements in a couple of weeks after starting a campaign, and final result after six weeks.

Yes, its very well suited for that.

Yes. We see that the cloud sites rank very well for long tail keywords. We also see that YACSS sites rank quite well on expired domains.

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