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Automated backlinking on cloud sites and expired domains

Get rankings in less time with automated cloud links from YACSS

Meet YACSS –  the worlds most advanced SEO platform. Generate websites based on a single keyword as input. Upload AI websites to powerful cloud links to boost Domain authority and rankings. Upload AI websites to your own domains for a fast and efficient webdesign process. Produce powerful and relevant backlinks to boost your online presence.

We generate websites using the most advanced technology. We generate AI websites.

Are you building dofollow links manually?

Then YACSS is for you. We automate the process of creating html websites, and the upload of these sites to powerful cloud domains. You can build sites that would take hundreds of hours to make in minutes, and use the saved time to boost your business. Or build even more backlinks…

Increase your websites authority with cloud links. Try our tested Done For You Cloud Links. We build static html websites using YACSS, and upload them to the powerful cloud platforms. We have 18 platforms you can choose from.
Price per link is 35 USD. The minimum purchase is 3 links. You can select and combine the links just the way you want it.

Beautiful designs you can customize

Created by SEO experts for SEO experts

YACSS is created by the SEO Expert Jesper Nissen, and tested and validated by hundreds of SEO experts across the world. The team behind YACSS work closely together with the SEO experts, to continue to add new features that actually help your Google rankings.

All features you see in YACSS are added on the request from SEO experts, so you can be sure there is no fluff, no redundancy, and only technology that helps your rankings in Google.

Topic clusters and topically focused local AI sites

YACSS has the built in capacity to generate topic clusters, based on your input keyword. We use cutting edge AI technology, to map out the topics related to your keyword, and built out the sitemap for you in seconds. This research phase typically takes hours or days to to manually. The topic cluster feature allow you to generate AI sites that are extremely dense in related keywords and related subjects, and you will be able to generate laser focused topically relevant AI sites, that rank extremely well, and pass ranking power like no other sites you have ever seen.

Create topically laser focused minisites

You also have the option to expand to topic cluster and combine them with our local SEO module, and create topically relevant Local minisites. These local SEO optimized minisites rank in themselves for local seo keywords, and can be used for leadgen, reputation management, or simply to pass super relevance both on the topics and on the location. The website generator can generate city pages that are optimized for the city and the surrounding area, as well as the topic for that page.

Create. Automate. Rank.

The process of ranking a website with YACSS is so fast, that experienced SEO experts will love and embrace the technology.

Create a website

Insert keyword and let the AI do the rest. Or use our built in token system and create a masspage website.

Select your cloud

Select between the 16 powerful domains, and choose what backlink you want.

Upload the website

Upload the website to the cloud and watch your rankings increase.

Get backlinks from highpowered domains like Google, Amazon and Microsoft

YACSS has direct integration to 16 cloud services. You create a website, select the cloud you want a backlink from, and upload it. With these three simple steps, you can shortcut hundreds of hours of development and research and get backlinks from cloud services in minutes. If you want to know about what is cloud stacking seo, read the blogpost about it.
You can create large masspage websites with up to 500 pages, and upload them. Most cloud services are either free or very cheap, and offer gigabytes of storage, so you can continue to build backlinks, and expand your organic footprint. If you are an experienced freelancer or agency owner with lots of clients, you have plenty of room to build backlinks to all your clients. 


Partners, reseller and affiliates connecting and offering Yacss to the mass.


Customer satisfaction rate. We take care of what we offer.


Customers using Yacss platform everyday to build websites .


Professional and hard working Team behind Yacss platform.


Read the testimonials from our proud clients who have graciously shared their experiences with our services.

Key Features of YACSS – Mass page builder for cloud stacks

Cloud stacks, cloud sites, cloud links and AI websites

YACSS is more than an ai website builder and backlink builder. Its an entire SEO platform. Check out the most important features below.

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