YACSS release 4 may 20222

YACSS release 4 may 2022: https://yacss.site

Signup to YACSS: https://app.yacss.site/user/register.php

In this video I will go over the updates in the latest version of YACSS that is just released. The main items are:

– Stack designer that will allow you to select buckets across the clouds to create interlinked cloud stacks
– Built in automated QR codes inserted in the footer of all YACSS pages
– Option to clone site, so you save time when creating new sites
– Option to Regenerate site, so you can reupload a allready created site if you made mistakes in the content
– Download pdf with generated urls
– Download history, you can now see the history of your websites
– Expanded local business schema. You can now select your business type, enter citations, and everything is applied in the schema code.

YACSS is a cloud stacking software, that allow you to create good-looking websites in a matter of minutes without doing any coding.

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Thanks for watching the video on the 4 may 2022 YACSS release:

00:00 YACSS release 4 may 2022
01:10 Edit and regenerate website in YACSS
02:00 Upload to clouds from Websites table
03:40 Download pdf with all urls
04:20 Clone website in YACSS
07:30 Stack designer
17:15 QR codes in YACSS
20:00 yacss.site

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